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Add Elements of Your Creative Personality to Take Your Bedroom from Meh to Amazing

Your bedroom is more than just a place to lie your head after a long workday. It’s somewhere to relax and zen out in comfort, a sanctuary for your thoughts and dreams. If you don’t see your bedroom as the ultimate place for relaxation and calm, then you need to remodel your bedroom in transformative ways.

Taking your bedroom from meh to amazing is more about changing your perception than it is about upgrades. However, adding a few creative elements can help you change your perception for the better, allowing your wonderful personality to shine through.

Lighten the Walls but Color Your World

vintage bedroom ideas

Using neutral tones on your walls will reflect light and push your walls, in perception, outwards to create space. You can add your favorite colors with accents, like a comforter or sheets in your favorite blue tones. 

Better Organize Your Bedroom with Shelves

When you need a lot of bookshelves, use the side-by-side, floor to ceilings method. Stack bookshelves on one wall, one beside another and nail them into the walls. Then designate shelves for different things, like a small succulents’ garden, your collections of your favorite books series, and a few sentimental knickknacks.

Be Classic and Minimalistic but Comfort Focused

Comfort should always be your go-to above aesthetics. It’s totally possible for a bedroom to be both comfortable and look good, so focus your redesign on comforts. Classic minimalism, like the elements you’d find in a list of vintage bedroom ideas, can help inspire simple ideas for optimum comfort and coziness.

Your bedroom is literally the place of dreams. It’s where you can unwind and find peace after a stressful day wears you down. By adding elements of your creativity and unique personality, you can accomplish a total revamp of your bedroom.