Essential Prerequisites For A Real Estate License

Essential Prerequisites For A Real Estate License

A career in real estate can be a great primary or passive income for any individual. Licensed realtors have limitless earning potential and can set their own work hours. In addition, those who have other work, school, or family obligations will enjoy the flexibility that a career in real estate can provide.But before a person can start selling or buying homes, there are a few prerequisites to complete in order to obtain your real estate license successfully. 

So, if you are wondering how to get a real estate license in Las Vegas NV, or any other city in the USA, follow the helpful steps below.

Education & Training

The process of becoming a realtor is just like any other degree or certification – you will need to study for it. Generally, the process can take anywhere between two to six months to be ready to pass a state licensing exam.

Typical topics covered in realty courses include:

·    Housing Laws & Ethical Practices

·    Realty Terminology

·    Record Keeping

·    Closings, Contracts, & Regulations

These topics must be fully understood to pass the test and obtain a realtor’s license successfully.

& Licensing

Once you fully comprehend the various aspects of realty required to pass a state licensing exam, the next step is to prove your proficiency with a test.

Exam questions vary state to state, but generally, all tests will consist of 100-150 multiple-choice questions. Some of these questions will be about state-specific realty rules, while others will be on general concepts and knowledge. Applicants usually have two hours to complete the exam.

Start-up Fees

There will be initial investment costs in order to obtain your real estate license. For example, pre-licensing courses, realtor testing fees, and licensing costs differ between states but typically range between 400-1000 dollars.